Whiter teeth give you an attractive smile and can boost your self-confidence. Most people would like to have whiter teeth.  

Although there are several causes of tooth discolouration, there are also excellent teeth whitening procedures to restore your bright smile. While there are many over-the-counter treatments, it’s always better to receive professional teeth whitening treatment from your dentist.

All cosmetic procedures carry some degree of risk, and a qualified and regulated professional can ensure your treatment is safe and that you are a candidate for the procedure.  


Causes and Prevention of Teeth Discolouration

There are some steps you can take to have whiter teeth. During the natural aging process, tooth enamel naturally wears away, exposing the yellow dentin underneath. Because dentin is not as white as tooth enamel, it gives the appearance of tooth discolouration.

Drinking large amounts of tea, soda, coffee, or wine can reduce the brightness of teeth, as can pigmented foods like berries or tomato sauce. Also, smoking can darken and yellow teeth. Even some medications can cause tooth discolouration, so it is essential to maintain a good oral hygiene routine.

While cleaning your teeth and watching your diet can help, you also need to attend six-monthly check-ups with your dentist to ensure your teeth are in good condition. Regular hygiene cleaning can remove superficial blemishes, but you may need a professional teeth whitening treatment to remove deeper stains. 


Teeth Whitening Treatments

At Advanced Dental Care, we offer comprehensive teeth whitening treatments from Pola, Opalescence, and Philips Zoom!

Before any teeth whitening treatment, we recommend a clean and scale to remove any plaque and tartar buildup so you can achieve your best results. 


  • Chairside Teeth Whitening Treatments

During your consultation, your dentist can explain how to make your teeth white. Professional teeth whitening is the quickest way to achieve whiter teeth. Your dentist thoroughly inspects your teeth and gums for decay or signs of disease. If there are any issues, they treat these before a teeth whitening procedure.

Dental Patient

On the day of the treatment, your dentist fits you with a rubber shield to protect the soft tissue in your mouth from the bleaching agent.

The bleaching gel is then painted onto your teeth, and after a few minutes, it is rinsed off. This process is repeated until you achieve the level of brightness desired. 

If your dentist is using Philips Zoom!, a laser light is applied to the gel to activate the process before rinsing off.  

Your dentist can achieve the most effective results in a safe and controlled environment. 

Because a dentist is qualified to administer a higher dose of hydrogen peroxide than you find in an over-the-counter teeth whitening treatment, the results are faster and more effective, whitening your teeth up to several shades lighter.  


  • Take-Home Teeth Whitening Treatments

Many people have made the mistake of seeing a box in a chemist advertising “how to make your teeth white” and purchasing it without proper consideration. While the risks to your health are relatively low, the results can be sub-standard, uneven, or they can even be too white, giving an unnatural appearance. 

At Advanced Dental Care in Dubbo, we provide professional take-home teeth whitening kits. For many patients, take-home treatments offer convenience so you can whiten your smile on your schedule.

After an initial consultation, your dentist takes an impression of your teeth, and we create customised trays to use during the teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist provides you with a teeth whitening gel and gives detailed information on using it.

This process takes longer than a chairside procedure, but you can keep the trays for future use, and if desired, you can make an appointment with your dentist to monitor your teeth during treatment. You should notice an improvement within the first week and optimal results in 2-3 weeks with take-home treatments.

Because these are professional teeth whitening kits, they won’t damage your dentin or enamel. If you experience teeth sensitivity, your dentist can provide you with a toothpaste that helps minimise this discomfort. 

Our take-home teeth whitening treatments are also available as touch-up kits for in-chair whitening treatments. With take-home products, you can top-up your smile whenever you need a brightening boost.


The Final Word

Many people come to the dentist to ask “how to make your teeth white.” Your dentist can help you achieve whiter teeth with an in-chair or with a take-home teeth whitening kit. With proper brushing and oral hygiene, you can maintain your bright smile for up to 8-12 months.

If you have concerns about your teeth colour, or just want a brighter, whiter smile, contact Advanced Dental Care on (02) 6188 7103 for an appointment.  

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