Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure for those seeking a whiter and brighter smile. Teeth whitening can be very effective, and if done professionally, is risk-free.

Teeth whitening cost varies based on different factors. Understanding how teeth whitening works is important when deciding which procedure is right for you.


How Teeth Whitening Works 

Teeth whitening agents usually consist of either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide which penetrates the tooth’s enamel, where the stains usually occur. From there, oxygen molecules released from the peroxide interact with the stains to break them down. Stains that affect the outer layer of the tooth known as the enamel are called extrinsic stains and are relatively easy to correct.

Although there are many over-the-counter options for teeth whitening, the Australian Dental Association advises against performing this type of procedure on your own. Because shop-bought kits contain varying levels of peroxide, teeth whitening at home can result in burns and ulcerations to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Charcoal whitening pastes may be dangerous in that they can strip away the tooth’s enamel. Use of shop-bought teeth whitening kits can lead to spotty whitening and enamel erosion. Patients typically also experience severe tooth sensitivity, some of which can be permanent.


Chairside Whitening

At Advanced Dental Care in Dubbo, we offer two professional teeth whitening services. The first is our chairside whitening, a procedure that usually takes just about an hour and produces immediate results. Prior to this, we request that you attend a consultation with one of our dental professionals so that we may examine and assess the health of your mouth.

Chairside teeth whitening utilises a hydrogen bleaching gel along with a laser light which helps to activate the gel. A rubber shield is used to protect your gums from the bleaching gel which is an advantage over at-home bleaching products.

Chairside whitening cost varies depending on the current state of your teeth and whether prior conditions occur such as gingivitis. These conditions require treatment before the whitening process can be performed.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening 

Our professional take-home teeth whitening kits are safe and easy to use. An impression is taken of your teeth in order for us to craft personalised dental trays to use throughout the whitening process. We provide you with a teeth whitening gel and instructions on how to use the kit. 

This option takes a bit longer to produce results; however, once the trays are made, they are yours to keep for long-term and maintenance whitening.

Dental patient

As with our chairside whitening, we offer payment plans and do accept some dental insurances. At your initial teeth whitening consultation, we go over the exact cost and our billing procedures with you. 


Invest in Your Smile

Teeth are prone to discolouration with age, and they can become yellow faster if you drink lots of tea, coffee, red wine, or use tobacco products. Certain lifestyle factors can be adjusted in order to extend the results of teeth whitening. These include quitting smoking and practising excellent oral hygiene. Avoid foods that stain the teeth as well.

When considering the cost of professional dental teeth whitening in comparison with an over-the-counter option, it is important to remember that you are making an investment in your smile. Many times, people feel more inclined to purchase a chemist teeth whitening kit because it is affordable and convenient. 

However, because of the risks involved, you may spend more money in the long run on repairs to your teeth and mouth, and other teeth whitening services if the chemist kits were ineffective. If you experience chemical burns, you may need to seek medical treatment, and if you wear your enamel down, your teeth are not protected from decay. This can result in costly tooth restoration treatments. 


Does Medicare Cover the Cost of Teeth Whitening?

Medicare partially covers certain dental treatments under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and the Veteran’s Affairs Dental Program. However, Medicare does not cover the cost of cosmetic treatments unless they are considered medically necessary. This usually does not include teeth whitening. 


Can I Use Private Insurance for Teeth Whitening?

Navigating through the various accommodations of private health funds can feel overwhelming. Policies on teeth whitening vary for each private insurer, but they do sometimes cover the procedure. 

Prior to your appointment, reach out to your insurance company to verify whether they cover a teeth whitening procedure or reimburse the funds to you. 


Interest-Free Payment Plans

Dental payment plans allow you to receive care while paying for the procedure over time. This is a great option for those who desire a teeth whitening treatment but may not have insurance options or the ability to cover the entire cost right away. 

Advanced Dental Care is proud to offer interest-free payment plans through DentiCare that allow you to pay for your treatment over the course of 12 months. 


Final Thoughts

At Advanced Dental Care, we are confident in our teeth whitening services and have a great team of professional and gentle staff members. We understand the value of having a great smile and the self-confidence that comes along with it. 

If you have further questions about our teeth whitening services, or you would just like to come in for a dental consultation, please feel free to give us a call on (02) 6188 7103. We look forward to hearing from you!

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