Teeth become discolored over time due to general wear and tear, poor oral hygiene, and diet. Professional teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures performed in Australia and can effectively lighten your teeth several shades to give you a bright white smile.

However, many patients are concerned over the safety of the active ingredients used in bleaching gels and often ask the question: is teeth whitening safe? Let us help you make an informed decision for your oral health and answer your questions about teeth whitening safety.


How Safe is Teeth Whitening?

As with any procedure, there is the potential for minor side effects including temporary increased tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Your dentist reduces the risk of these side effects by placing a protective barrier on your gum before applying the bleaching gel. Your dentist also uses a higher concentration of gel which means your teeth are exposed to the bleach for less time.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe At Home?

In-chair teeth whitening treatment is often considered safer than over-the-counter at-home kits as patients are closely monitored by their dentist who can control the concentration and duration of the procedure to minimise any risks.

However, there are professional-grade treatments that are prescribed by your dentist to treat mild staining at-home which use carefully measured doses of bleaching gels at lower concentrations than are used in a dental practice.

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At Advanced Dental Care Dubbo, we offer the option of three different teeth whitening brands: Pola, Philips Zoom, and Opalescence. We take an impression of your teeth to create a custom mouth tray that protects your gums from exposure to the gel, and the trays are worn for a specific length of time as suggested by your dentist.


Are the Active Ingredients Safe?

Most teeth whitening systems use a gel formula based on hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has been used for decades as a dental bleaching agent and has been extensively studied for efficacy and safety.

Hydrogen peroxide and other bleaching ingredients used in teeth whitening systems are also heavily regulated by the Dental Board of Australia and the Therapeutic Good Commission to ensure they are safe to use.


Achieve a Brighter Smile

If you are wondering: is teeth whitening safe? You can rest assured that teeth whitening gels used by certified dental professionals are formulated to be gentle to your teeth and gums and the process is carefully monitored by your dentist.

For whiter teeth, call Advanced Dental Care Dubbo on (02) 6188 7103 to talk to our friendly dental staff about your teeth whitening options and let us help you achieve a brighter smile.


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