Cheaper prices for getting dental implants overseas make it tempting to go abroad for dental work. However, there are many dangers associated with overseas dental implants. Popular destinations for overseas dental implant treatments, including Thailand and India, don’t conform to the same dental hygiene standards as dental clinics in Australia. 


The Dangers of Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to higher-priced dental implant treatments in Australia. Here at Advanced Dental Care, we recommend that you remain in Australia for dental work, rather than risking a dental implant overseas

Cheaper prices might be tempting, but you can’t put a price on your health and dental aftercare, which is why we want to make you aware of some of the risks of going overseas for dental implants. 


Health and Safety

In Australia, all dental clinics and practitioners must adhere to strict health and safety guidelines issued by the Australian Dental Board. All surgical tools are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to ensure patient safety during dental procedures.

Clinics that provide dental implants overseas are not necessarily regulated by a governing body, which means that your health could be compromised. You’ll be susceptible to a higher risk of infection, particularly if your overseas dental implant surgery is performed in a backstreet clinic.


Short Treatment Times

One of the downfalls of getting dental implants overseas is the short timeframe for dental work to be done. Dental implant treatment typically takes months, especially if you require additional surgeries like a bone graft.  

This means that dental practitioners overseas might cut corners to accommodate your needs within the timeframe of your holiday. As a result, they might miss any pre-existing conditions that you have, such as gum disease, which can affect your dental implant treatment and cause future complications.


Not Covered by Insurance or Against Malpractice

Dental implant surgery performed overseas is not covered by your health insurance in Australia, and you’re not protected against malpractice. If anything goes wrong during or after treatment overseas, your insurance company will not cover a botched surgery, and you have no legal protection. 

Getting a Dental Implant Overseas Isn’t Necessarily Cheaper

The sticker price for your overseas dental implant might be cheaper than the same procedure in Australia, but when you add the cost of flights, accommodation, and taking time off work, heading overseas for dental surgery isn’t necessarily more cost-effective. Equally, if something goes wrong, you may have to pay for corrective surgery on your return to Australia or revisit your overseas dental clinic for remedial care. 

Domestic treatments often offer more flexible payment options. Most dental clinics overseas will demand upfront payment for treatment, while most Australian dental services offer payment plan options to help you ease the burden of the cost of treatment. 

Quality of the Implant

Cheap treatment often means substandard dental implants. Titanium implants are widely recommended to ensure the implant can bond with the jawbone. Implants not made from substandard materials are more likely to cause infection and other complications.


Limited Aftercare

Dental implant work should involve regular checkups after treatment to safeguard your health and safety. These checkups reduce the risk of infection and ensure the implant is bonding properly. Aftercare following overseas dental implant treatment is limited to the duration of your stay unless you regularly return to your overseas dental clinic, which is impractical for most patients.

Remaining in Australia for dental implant treatment means that your follow-up appointments will be local and regular.


Choose an Australian Dental Practice for Dental Implants

Remaining in Australia for dental implants is the smart choice. While the initial cost of implants might be higher on the continent than abroad, the long-term health benefits and potential savings override seeking treatment overseas.

Dental clinics in Australia will have immediate access to your dental records to ensure that any potential complications, which could arise prior to dental implant treatment, are dealt with accordingly to avoid future problems.

Sticking with a treatment plan in Australia means you’re covered by your health insurance and protected against malpractice, and you have access to aftercare.


Choose Advanced Dental Care in Dubbo for Dental Implants

If you’re a Dubbo resident considering dental implants, visit Advanced Dental Care. We offer a free consultation to assess whether implants are the right treatment for you. Our dental implant treatments are carried out at our purpose-built, state-of-the-art dental clinic located near the Newell Highway.

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